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  • Jan 1, 2015
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The new Atzmaut Square

Inter Active Atzmaut Square

Inter-active city center: the first one of its kind in Israel!
The Municipality of Netanya has inaugurated the “Inter Active Atzmaut Square” networked with the most advanced technologic systems and is a touristic attraction.

Cellular apps for interactive games, virtual visits, video-art festival and an audiovisual multi systematic event which combines Led screens, water screens, audio & light events , live broadcasting of events & happenings , parties in several parts of the city, activities for children including water games in the fountain ,spinning & zomba , story time & plays, folk dancing etc etc.

This project is one more step in the initiative of the Mayor, Miriam Fierberg-Ikar , to turn the city of Netanya to the capital of the Sharon area and a tourist attraction ,while developing a variety of culture and free time activities.

In the square there is an Artistic Fountain presenting a huge metal ball which includes a hidden water screen, lights from various corners synchronized with music – and, at fixed times all elements operate at the same time.

Visitors can use information corners which include touch screens enabling visitors to receive information of places to visit, various sites and activities which take place around the city.

Visitors can connect directly to the square through cellular apps.so that they can send SMS on the screens, use their cellular as a “personal remote control”, participate in the various games , choose their music etc.

Further , the square includes an ecological fish pond , children games embedded on the floor, tables for children’s games, artists stools, various stages, unique sitting corners a wooden deck and much more.